Q:  What is a listening room?

A:  A listening room is a space to come, silence your cell phone and enjoy an intimate live show of storytelling and music.  It's a place to listen and connect with the band or artist in a unique way, unlike your usual concert, bar or restaurant gig.


Q What is the "PBQ Policy"?

A: P-Please, B-Be, Q-Quiet. 

Blue Jay is a listening room and while the artists love the audience to applaud, laugh and even sing along, too much conversation during the show is a distraction to other listeners and can be disrespectful to the band or artist who is there to share their stories, inspirations and music with us.  

We encourage talking before the show, during set break and after the show, but strongly encourage audience members to keep their voices low and conversations to a minimum while the show is going on.  


Q:  Where is Blue Jay located?

A:  We are located in the Costa Verde Plaza, on the corner of 25th Ave South and 3rd Street in South Jax Beach, UPSTAIRS from Casa Maria Mexican Restaurant, across the street from Bold Bean Coffee and Roy's.


Q:  You are difficult to find....why don't you have a sign?

A:  Blue Jay is an exclusive, local club.  We consider our space to be reminiscent of an old fashioned speakeasy.  The no sign thing?  On purpose (wink, wink).  Keep an eye out for the small arrow signs within the plaza...they'll lead ya right to us.


Q:  What are your hours?

A:  We are open Wednesday through Sunday 7-11PM.  Some shows have a cover, some shows are ticketed.  Doors open at 7, music starts at 8.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.


Q: Do  you serve food?

A:  Not yet, so don't come hungry.  We will be adding food to the menu soon! 

In the mean time, enjoy dinner downstairs at Casa Maria Mexican Restaurant or across the street at Bonefish or Roy's.


Q:  Do you serve alcohol?

A:  Yes.   Beer & wine only.  We have a lovely selection of wines as well as a wonderful craft beer list.  We also have domestic beers, local beers on tap and plenty of non-alcoholic choices.


Q:  Do you allow smoking/vaping inside Blue Jay?

A:  No.


Q:  What time do doors open?

A:  Doors open one hour before show time.  This is typically 7pm, but is always subject to change.


Q:  Can I come late?

A:  Shows start on time.  You can come in late if you must, however you may not have a seat as our seats are first come first served.  If you are late, you will more than likely have to stand in the event of a sell out.  


Q:  Is there assigned/reserved seating?

A:  The only reserved seating is for members of our Founder's Circle.  Other than that it's first come first served. Seating is limited.  


Q:  May I come in early and reserve a seat for me and my friends?

A:  Doors open one hour before showtime.  You may enter as soon as our doors open, not before. Seating is first come first served  You may not come in, save seats, leave and come back.  When you arrive, you may save NO MORE THAN 4 seats.  The closer you arrive to the time the doors open, the better chance you have of getting the seats you want.  Seating is limited.  If you are late, you will more than likely have to stand in the event of a sell out.  It's always best that you encourage your party to arrive at the same time so you can sit near each other.


Q:  Do I need to print my ticket?

A:  No, please save the trees!  You can show us your ticket on your phone or show us your ID and we will find your name on the list at the front box office.


Q:  May I buy tickets at the door?

A:  If the show is not sold out, there will be tickets available at the door.  However, space is limited so pre purchasing tickets (by clicking on the "TICKETS" tab above) is highly encouraged.