Music is a deep passion of mine.  It runs through my veins and I'm not sure if there's anything that quite fulfills me more.  It has gotten me through my highs and lows and since I could pick up a guitar, it's been an outlet that I could truly and fully rely matter the day, time or instance.  It has the incredible ability to fill a room with 30 people, hit each person's ears and resonate in 30 completely different ways.  It's pretty much the best thing ever.

For years, I've wanted a place where I could go and listen to musicians.  I mean actually sit and their stories, their inspirations, their lyrics.  I grew tired of going to see my favorite local musicians at bars and restaurants where they were shoved in a corner and forced to sing covers and sneak in only an original or two.  I wanted more than being one of thousands of people in an arena or theater...I wanted to be up close and personal. I wanted interaction.  I wanted connection.

As a musician, I know the heart, soul and time that artists put in to writing their own songs and I know what a special thing it is to be able to bare your heart and soul and share those feelings and inspirations with people who actually want to hear it.  Selling out a stadium is of course part of the dream, but having a small room of intent listeners who sincerely care what you have to say is quite another.  And thus, the dream of Blue Jay became a reality.

Blue Jay is a beautifully sacred, intimate space that allows you to come listen, expand your musical knowledge and share in an experience you will never forget.  It gives you an opportunity to be present, take a deep breath and relax.  It allows you to connect, to feel, to be inspired.

So come visit us, sit back, have a glass of wine or a local craft beer, let the worries of the world melt away and just...listen.


For the love of music,

Cara Burky


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{Cara} is pulling off something brilliant for this city and the artists in it and I can’t wait to see what grows out of this. Cara did an amazing job creating this unique and amazing atmosphere for audience and artist to connect. Her story and her passion are so moving and inspiring…’s nights like that which remind me why I am doing what I’m doing, and that sort of connection with an audience makes all the struggle that goes along with being a local artist worth it. Our city needs more people like Cara and places like Blue Jay.”
— Jessica Pounds of Canary in the Coalmine